Meet The Band

Michael Scavone-Free - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards and Harmonica

Michael is a prolific musician and plays keyboards, guitar, mandolin, harmonica and native american flute. He has performed at clubs in New York's Southern Tier, Northeast PA, NYC and New Jersey. Michael's most recent projects were the acoustic duo Acoustic Pyro and the rock band Merlin's Dream.

He has also performed in Rome, Praiano, and Amalfi, Italy. He has released 2 CD's and his songs have been played on commercial radio in PA.


Paul Tauterouff - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

Paul is a well known musician and guitar/ voice teacher in the Triple Cities area and has been a member of the local music scene since the early 80's and is known for his recent work with Highline.

He is endorsed by Morley Pedals, Pedaltrain Pedalboards, AMT Electronics and Guitar Pro notation software. Paul plays Peavey Amps and Cabinets and Gibson guitars. You can purchase his full length solo album "Audio Chocolate" on iTunes, CD baby or at his website,

If you are interested in guitar lessons in the Binghamton NY area, visit Paul's teaching site Paul also teaches rock, metal and pop vocal lessons. Visit http;// to learn more.


Bob Hughes - Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals

Bob's rock solid, melodic bass playing is anchored by decades of experience and passion for the instrument. Past projects include Roxslyde, Machines Way, Crossfire, Channel One, and Kuda.

Bob's Rickenbacker bass/ Gallien Krueger Amplification combination create a solid, driving foundation for Burning Moonlight's rhythm section.

When away from the stage, Bob likes to write and record ambient instrumental music, available at


Mark Lawrence - Drums, Backing Vocals

Mark's passion for the drums was ignited in the mid 70's after seeing Buddy Rich play with The Tonight Show band. He has played drums for 30+ years in and around the triple cities area.

Mark's rock solid, fundamental style has kept the groove for local acts such as Stone Cold, Rush Hour, All Access, Chaos and most recently Highline.